5 Ways To Find Houses for Sale in Fredericton

With a plethora of opportunities in Fredericton to find a house, it can be overwhelming. There are dozens of websites with listings and most of which look the same. That’s what makes this a very tedious process to find your potential house.

Bank Repossessed Houses For Sale Fredericton, New Brunswick

Looking for the perfect home in Fredericton, NB can be tedious and downright difficult. This article aims to help guide you through the process of tracking down your little slice of paradise in the maritimes.

MapleLeafExchange.ca has narrowed down the top websites and found some invaluable tips to help you search for your next home.

How We Can Help?

Each real estate website offers a home, a price and some pictures. This is fairly standard and can be expected across the board. When you start looking for specific requirements such as:

  1. Houses for sale in Fredericton, New Brunswick
  2. Homes or properties that have been repossessed by the banks
  3. Vacant Land

…then our list and tips can come in handy.

Top Tips for House Hunting in Fredericton

Each real estate site comes with slightly different filters to narrow down your choices. The filters are hands down your number one friend.

Some sites even offer you the chance to sign-up to get notified of new listings or listings that meet your criteria.

The number one feature to look for is the option to sort by price. This may sound simple, but not all real estate sites in Fredericton offer this. Each website offers multiple listings, so sorting by price allows you to find your next home, whether it be a:

  • Condo
  • Luxury Home
  • Vacant Land
  • Rental

Top 9 Sites: Let’s Take a Closer Look

  1. Realtor.ca
    • ~136 listings
    • Sort by price
    • $39,900 – $1,299,000
    • 2 properties over $900k
  2. Point2homes
    • ~137 listings
    • Sort by price
    • $18,000 – $1,299,000
    • 3 properties over $900k
  3. Royal LePage
    • ~94 listings
    • Sort by price
    • $24,900 – $1,900,000
    • 8 properties over $900k
  4. Remax Canada
    • ~119 listings
    • Does not sort by price
    • 2 listing for rent
  5. Kijiji
    • ~246 listings
    • Does not sort by price
    • Sponsored listings
The Hartland Bridge in Fredericton, New Brunswick is the longest covered bridge in the world
There’s a charm – a kind of wholesome appeal to living a small-town Canadian lifestyle. With an abundance of rich history, such as the Hartland Bridge (which remains the longest covered bridge in the world), it’s easy to see how connections are made amongst the tightly knit residents of this small hamlet.
  1. Rew
    • ~33 results
    • Sort by price
    • $18,000 – $849,900 CAD
    • Get notified new listings
  2. Exit Advantage
    • ~52 listings
    • Does not sort by price
    • $45,000 – $2,300,000 CAD
  3. Property Guys
    • ~48 listings
    • Does not sort by price
    • $11,750 – $2,400,000 CAD
    • Save search
  4. Fredericton Homes:Rebecca Steeves Realty
    • ~25 listings
    • Sort by price
    • $99,900 – $849,900 CAD

*Amount of listings and home prices have likely changed. Visit the specific website to see up to date numbers.

Top 3 Sites to Find Your Home in Fredericton

Let’s take a closer look at the top websites you should start with. We chose this based on various parameters such as positive reviews from third-party websites, the number of listings and the option to sort by price.

A Closer Look: Realtor.ca

With plenty of listings to browse, Realtor.ca is our number one choice to start with. In addition to listing over 100 properties in Fredericton, the site also allows you to save your favourites. This feature is very helpful when you need to compare a few options.

Another helpful feature is the date of the listings. It’s always good to know how long a property has been on the market. It’s not uncommon for homes listed in Fredericton to be sold within the first month or two. A listing that has been on the market longer than the average listing, may be useful either during negotiation or during the inspection.

A Closer Look: Point 2 Homes

Here we have yet another listings website to browse through with plenty of parameters to choose from. For instance, the interactive map is a fantastic feature where with just one click you can easily see where your next home is located. This tool is very helpful for either houses or vacant land within New Brunswick.

When it comes to vacant land, Point 2 Homes clearly has a wide variety of ways in which to search listings. So far in 2022, there are over 50 listings for vacant land in Fredericton.

Being able to sort by price is extremely helpful when browsing through so many listings, especially for anyone with a tight budget.

A Closer Look: Royal LePage

Royal LePage offers many listings, like the rest. They tend to list more up-scale homes in Fredericton in comparison to the majority of other real estate brokerages. With nearly 10 listings priced at over $900,000, these listings are truly for a unique demographic.

Use the “sort” feature, located just above the listings. They’ve made it a bit tricky to locate this “sort” option, so you’ll want to keep a close eye out for it.

Why Should You Care?

Fredericton is in high demand. With a large percentage of rentals in this area, many renters are looking to transition to homeowners.

It’s a very family-oriented and quiet community. Nearly everyone relies on their transportation to get around. Some neighbourhoods are gaining popularity such as Fredericton Northside as well as Marysville. Be on the lookout for new property listings in these areas.

Fredericton city hall - Finding the perfect home in the New Brunswick capital using online realtors.
Residents of Fredericton have been encouraging local officials to commence the much needed renovations (in addition to completing) the crosstown trail. Such improvements will likely reinforce the appeal for current resisdents as well as help attract some new ones.

As recently as March 2022, residents have reached out to the city hall to not only improve but finish the crosstown trail. They cite unsafe roads for cyclists and children. Once completed, these local renovations will not only increase the local appeal but bring assurance and security to long-time residents and newcomers alike.

With a population of over 60K, there are plenty of parks and nature areas to explore.

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